Coxinha :)

Making use of my euphemism, and so adored sarcasm, I present you my little turkey legs!

The first time I saw, as many might know, was in the Disney parks.

Image from internet.

These days, I saw them available in the supermarket (which was a huge surprise, once I live in a small town, and it is not a common thing), and decided to risk prepare them!

And they were delicious 😀

Golden beauties in the oven  :)

Golden beauties in the oven 🙂


– Turkey Legs (don’t you say that!)

– Chopped Garlic

– 100 ml dry red Wine

– Lemon Pepper

– Spicy Paprika

– Coarse Salt

– Salsa* ( it’s a costa rican sauce, very flavored, goes awesome with chicken and meat! can be replaced by other sauces with smoked pepper and herbs)


Mix the garlic, wine, salsa, lemon pepper and paprika. Spread on the turkey legs, under the skin. Keep the skin to hold the flavors, and also don’t let the legs get dry while roasting. Spread some salt on the skin.

Cover the recipient with foil, and take to a pre-heated oven, at 200ºC. After two hours, remove the foil, and let it until golden.

After removing the foil, it is important that you open every 10 minute, to pour some of the melted fat over the legs, to make them more tender.



Each leg serves two people 🙂


Or, a very hungry one!

Before I finish this post, I would like to thank for this AMAZING YEAR, and wish all my readers, a joyful and surprisingly great 2015!!!

See you next year, xx